How to match cabinets to your kitchen countertops

Cabinets Countertop Matching

Are you lucky enough to have installed a quartz or granite countertop in your kitchen or bathroom recently.? Or perhaps just waiting for one to be finished? You’ll want your fittings and cabinets to complement your sparkling new worktop. After all, a good worktop is often a kitchen’s centrepiece. It acts as the foundation and sets the tone for the room’s overall style.

So what is the best way of making that decision? Here are some hints and tips:

Matching handles and pulls to your countertop

Think about the style of your worktop and whether it has a muted, natural tone or incorporates something a little more jazzy. Are you going for a warm, traditional look or a more modern vibe?

Once overall look is decided, choose your handles and pulls so that they match, whether that’s decorative brass, minimalist stainless steel or anything else.

How ‘busy’ does your worktop look?

If you have, say, a marble countertop with lots of swirls and movement in the stone, it becomes a focal point in itself. So you’ll want to steer attention away from the kitchen cabinets with a simpler design, avoiding a clash and allowing the natural beauty of the stone to stand out.

Equally, if you have a more minimalist counter, with smoother colours, you can afford to be a little more adventurous in the design of your cabinets.

Light on dark or dark on light?

You may feel a preference for light cabinets and a dark worktop or vice versa. But you have more choice than you may have realised. For instance, dark cabinets could complement a dark quartz countertop with white swirls. Equally, a light-coloured worktop with dark contrasting patterns could suit light-coloured cabinets.

Finally, you could even have different colours for cabinets in different areas of the kitchen if you wanted to.

Get samples of the stone for your worktop and cabinet materials. Then study them in various different types of lighting before making a decision.

How we can help

Once you finished with your kitchen, you will need ongoing maintenance of your natural stone worktops. This is important to keep them looking in pristine condition. Royal Stone Care specialises in natural stone cleaning in London, including marble polishing, quartz restoration, granite worktop repair and the like, whatever style or colour you have chosen. Give us a call today.