Where does limestone come from?

Limestone Repair Restoration London

Limestone is a natural stone that’s hewn from the ground in large slabs or chunks. It comes into being over thousands of years from the build-up of debris on the sea bed. So it mainly comprises crushed shells, with some minerals and sand included, along with, sometimes, parts of coral reefs.

Limestone-rich areas in the UK include Dorset’s Jurassic Coast. The region is rich in fossils. (Which you can often see in limestone.)

In modern times, limestone still forms in shallow, typically tropical waters including around Indonesia and the Caribbean. With the moving of the earth’s crust, these limestone beds end up in the mountains. Here they will be quarried in the future.

Limestone occurs worldwide including in the UK. Equally, it appears in different colours. In Scotland, for example, limestone is typically grey, while further south you’re more likely to see a creamy gold shade.

But the fact that limestone is accessible from such a variety of different places means that you have plenty of choice. Each quarry features its own distinctive shade of the stone.

Why limestone suits kitchen countertops

Given that it’s easier to cut and shape limestone than granite or slate, it has remained a popular building material for millennia. (The Great Pyramid of Giza was covered in white limestone originally.)

Its toughness makes it an excellent choice for worktops in bathrooms and kitchens. It’s an incredibly long-lasting substance, relatively hard to damage, and easy to clean. What’s more, thanks to modern technology, it’s straightforward to seal limestone countertops well, and waterproof them.

And as well as countertops, limestone also makes an amazing material for floors, fireplaces, doorsteps, stairs and similar features. So it could be the perfect natural stone if you’re looking to upgrade part of your home while preserving its character.

How we can help

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