How to choose the right marble for your home

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The benefits of having marble in your home or commercial premises are obvious. And they range from marble’s versatility and durability to the way it reflects light, whether you use this gorgeous natural stone on floors or in the kitchen or bathroom. It can also often, perhaps surprisingly, be more affordable than you thought.

But whatever you buy, marble is always going to be an investment. And it’s not cheap. That means it’s not a purchase you want to rush.

Here are some of our top tips to pay attention to before you commit to your worktop, vanity unit or similar.

Be your own quality controller

Make sure the marble you select is heat-resistant and waterproof. Obviously don’t hit it too hard, but when you strike it you should hear a ringing sound.

Check out its thickness

The dimensions of your stone need to be uniform to eliminate the prospect of voids and the need for extra mortar to level it out. Go for a thickness of at least 20mm. As mentioned, think these things through before you sign on the dotted line.

Consider the colour of your marble

While it doesn’t happen that often, fraudsters sometimes sell marble with fake colours. A piece of cloth dipped in oil wiped over the surface will wipe away a colour that’s not real. A genuine vendor won’t mind if you check this.

Do your pre-purchase inspections

Before you commit, make sure that you inspect every inch of your marble piece. Look for stains, cracks, edges which have chips or areas which are not symmetric. At the same time, while most dealers are reputable, be aware of those who may be trying to offer low-quality marble at knockdown prices. This can be a trap which is about luring would-be customers.

Equally, even the seemingly smallest discrepancy in details can have a marked impact on the overall look of your marble piece.

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