What to look for when buying quartz kitchen countertops

Quartz Countertop Restoration and Repair in London

As a material, quartz is tough and long-lasting – it’s also non-porous and highly resistant to stains and scratches. What’s more, unlike other natural stone products, your surface won’t need to be sealed or resealed. In fact, you’ll find quartz generally very low-maintenance. So quartz restoration is hardly ever required.

Therefore it’s perhaps not surprising that householders are increasingly choosing this stone for their kitchens. And this popularity shows every sign of continuing to grow.

But if you’re considering a quartz worktop for your home, what are the things you should look out for? Here’s our guide:

  • Resin pooling

Even if you’re not a quartz repair expert, you probably appreciate that these countertops aren’t made just of the natural stone. The quartz is mixed with dyes and resins. This is what makes the product so durable and non-porous, and the colour consistent.

But look out for any items showing resin pooling, or an inconsistency in the countertop leading to big pools of coloured resin. This will spoil the surface.

  • Inconsistency of material use

Some manufacturers may use higher percentages of resin with less quartz. This can contribute to the resin pooling mentioned above, and also make the countertop more flexible, so it bends when it’s being moved. Clearly this detracts from what should be one of quartz’s main benefits, its strength. You may not be able to see this problem, so ask about ratio of quartz to resin before you buy.

  • Inconsistent thickness

A slab may be offered as a 3cm product, but this may not be its actual thickness, beyond the very slight variance one might expect. It may also be harder to find some thicknesses in particular colours. So if you want one colour but two thicknesses in your kitchen that might be a problem.

  • Inconsistency in colour and pattern

Homeowners like quartz because colour and pattern are (in theory) consistent. Other natural stones, such as granite, can show a lot more variation. If the amount of resin varies, so can the pigment. Check that your product will have a good consistency of colour and pattern.

Be aware of all the potential issues mentioned above, and be sure to use a reputable quartz countertop manufacturer. Also, read online reviews before you commit.

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