How to clean a marble floor

Marble Restoration Repair and Cleaning in London

If you’re lucky enough to have a marble floor in your home or business, you’ll know how stunning this natural stone can look. But while marble is durable and great to look at it, it’s also prone to stains.

To keep your marble floor looking its best, learn how to look after them. Here are our top tips:

Choose your equipment wisely

  • Don’t use vacuum cleaners. They can scratch. Scourers like Brillo pads can do the same.
  • Ceramic tile cleaners will make marble surfaces look duller.
  • Highly acidic or alkaline products (such as vinegar) will also damage natural stone.
  • Use a specialist marble cleaner rather than a standard product.

The process

If you don’t have marble cleaner, add some good-quality washing-up liquid to warm water. For acidic spills such as vinegar or orange juice, blot the area with a soft microfibre cloth. Don’t wipe.

Mop the marble floor gently. Don’t apply too much pressure. After the first mop, swap the warm water for cold water. Then mop the floor until you have got rid of all traces of soap.

Drying off

Don’t leave your marble floor to dry on its own. This will leave water marks. With a dry microfibre cloth, buff up your floor until it’s shiny. Do this often and your floor will look spotless.

Removing dirt or scuff marks

Do this by following these simple steps:

  • Put a little PH-neutral washing-up liquid on a microfibre cloth. Add some cold water.
  • Go over the mark until it vanishes. Follow the direction of the grain in straight lines. Don’t scrub with a circular motion as this will damage your floor.
  • Finally, buff the area with a dry, clean cloth until it sparkles.

How we can help

Marble cleaning doesn’t have to be rocket science. But if you regularly need marble polishing or specific help with things like marble chip repair or restoration, it can be best to call in the professionals.

At Royal Stone Care, we’re leading London based marble repair and cleaning experts. Let us do a first-class professional job on your floor or other area. We won’t use harmful chemicals. But we do offer our own highly effective cleaning techniques. Get in touch to learn more.