What are the biggest trends in kitchen design for 2023?

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The latest kitchen designs are aimed at creating gentler, more comfortable spaces, and at standing the test of time. There seems to be a stronger focus on natural materials, and colours which nature has inspired, such as sage green.

At the same time, there’s a greater sense of kitchens as extra living spaces in which the whole family can relax, rather than functional spaces for food preparation. Here are some things you can expect to see as we move into the new(ish) year:

Rounded kitchen islands

Kitchen islands don’t have to come with sharp, square edges any more! Expect to see some unusual shapes coming on to the market, including fully circular versions.

Oversized handles

Larger-than-life, ‘swooping’ handles which cross the whole length of the kitchen cabinets introduce a design element if your space is otherwise fairly
pared-back. There’s also a functional side in that these handles make cupboards easier to open.

Coloured taps

Taps no longer have to come only in grey metallic shades. Add a jolt of bold colour against a neutral background for added energy – think jewel-bright tones.

Layers of black

Sophisticated, striking and versatile, the colour black can pack a punch like no other. Contrast with other shades across your room, and don’t be afraid to dial up the drama to heighten the mood of the room, for example with black countertops and black backsplashes.

Or go for a mellow yellow …

This hue doesn’t have to be confined to the kids’ bedrooms. After all, it’s cheerful, optimistic, and varies from yolk to mustard in colour, and lend a lot of energy to a space.

… Or how about mint green?

This colour is again zingy and uplifting, plus it can be quite subtle. And it is in keeping with the on-trend idea of bringing the natural world into the modern kitchen

Glad to be grey

Far from being boring or dull, grey kitchens make for calming places. They also mean you can experiment with brighter colours for contrasting tiling or accessories. This year, consider deeper greys, possibly incorporating brown pigments, or add something like a bright blue tap or a zingy ceiling.

Textured surfaces

This is a trend which seems to be moving into the kitchen having been sought-after in other parts of the home for a while. Think visible grain on wood, brushed metals and honed or leathered surfaces, plus a growing fondness for concrete. Equally, textured stone is increasingly popular. These looks add depth, while creating a layered, tactile feel.

Coloured marble

This beautiful natural stone is a classic kitchen choice. But this year’s trends are all about ramping up the glamour. Marble doesn’t have to be grey or white, elegant though those shades are. Take a closer look at rich emerald greens or pale pinks for your worktops, for example.

Sustainable design choices

One prediction is that materials this year will be pure and natural, and not too polished or plastic. We may also be seeing a greater fondness for mixing materials. People will probably invest more in craftmanship, and timeless statement pieces, such as natural stone worktops.

Natural stone countertops will never go out of style. Talk to us today about marble repairs or granite restoration in London. We cover homes and businesses all over the London area.