What affects the price of my limestone countertops?

Limestone Restoration Repair London

Limestone is one of the most beautifully elegant natural stone countertops you can have in your home. Understandably, a worktop in this material is not the cheapest thing you can buy. Indeed, for the average size of kitchen, you’ll be looking at a bill amounting to hundreds of pounds.

But costs can vary considerably. Here, we take a quick look at some of the main factors which can influence price.

Cutouts needed

It’s pretty likely that you’ll need cutouts for areas like sinks, appliances or things like garbage disposal units. It will vary according to the exact location of your limestone. Depending on the type and number of these, and how hard they are to make, there will be cost implications.

Ease or otherwise of installation

This is something else which can impact the cost of installing your limestone countertop. If the stone needs cutting in multiple different angles so that it works in the space, you’ll have to pay a higher price.

The volume of material you need

Limestone is no different from other natural stones (or indeed most other things) in that the quantity of material you need is one of the key factors affecting price. Obviously, the more limestone you need for your new countertop, the greater you can expect your budget will have to be.

Unusual colours

Again, this can cause price to rise. Any limestone colour which is in limited supply will be more expensive.

Choosing your finish

Essentially, when fitting limestone counters in your kitchen or bathroom, you have two options in terms of the finish – honed or polished. The former will create a more matte look. And this tends to be the more expensive option. A polished finish is shinier, and can certainly help ensure your limestone unit is the centrepiece of whatever room it’s in. Equally, polished finishes will usually be cheaper.

Here to help

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