Top tips for removing stains from a limestone floor

Limestone Floor Restoration Repair London

Long-lasting limestone has a classic visual appeal, plus it’s versatile and easy to maintain. So a floor in it can add significant value to your home. But, like anything else, it needs regular cleaning.

The usual drill

Clearly, limestone is quite a soft natural stone. And so dirt and small objects can damage it pretty easily. Regular sweeping and/or vacuuming helps to clear up the sources of scratches. (By the way, if your floor is scratched, especially seriously, it may not be a simple job. You might need professional limestone care services to treat the problem.)

You can then use a soft mop, warm water (it has to be warm) plus a mild detergent to clean your limestone floor.

Act quickly on fresh stains

We know we’ve said this before. But a new stain really does need swift action. Otherwise, this natural stone will soon absorb any liquid – and do so rapidly. Use a clean cloth to mop up spillages and then rinse your floor with fresh water.

What about older stains?

Again, you can use water and a gentle soap detergent to start shifting these marks. Spray the soap with a mixture of warm water and washing-up liquid. Let the stone absorb it for a short while, before rinsing it with clear water and a clean rag. Don’t use a mix of different detergents, and don’t use anything containing bleach or acetone.

For minor discolorations, you can use a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, as an alternative to bleach. Try not to use more than a teaspoon, maybe two for more serious discolorations.

Removing old water stains

Water marks can affect limestone floors if the liquid isn’t mopped up promptly, i.e. while it is still wet. So don’t let it sit on your surface for any length of time. Use a wire wool pad, and warm water, for a gentle clean.
Poultice solutions are available to handle deeper stains without damaging your floor.

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