Renovation ideas to kick-start your dream kitchen within your budget

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As we’ve often said, it’s the most important place in the house, and the heart of the home. But, after a while, even the smartest kitchen can start to look a tad tired. However, you don’t have to replace the whole room.

Instead, try these budget-friendly ideas for refreshing this part of your home. That way, you can give it back its mojo without breaking the bank.

After all, if you’re happy with your kitchen’s layout, keeping it means you avoid having to reroute electrics, gas and waste pipes.

Spruce up kitchen cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets are looking a little faded, a lick of paint and a splash of colour will work wonders. Remember you’ll need several coats of paint. Plus, you’ll need to clean your cabinets, and usually sand them as well. Equally, be sure to use a paint that’s suitable for the job.

Should you decide to go for new cabinets, try and find some ex-display or second-hand units. It could save you a considerable sum.

Add new drawers and handles

This is another idea to save money if the cabinets are still in a reasonable shape, rather than replacing the whole kitchen. If you change cabinet hardware, perhaps go for some statement knobs or handles that are a little different from the norm.

T-bar and D-shaped models are classic choices. Meanwhile, cup handles are an increasingly sought-after modern option.

Making the most of open shelving

Fitting open shelves is an inexpensive way to give your kitchen more storage space. And this is a highly practical idea if you have limited room or you want clutter-free worktops – for example to show off the visual appeal of their natural stone. On the shelves, once you have them, you can combine ornamental and functional pieces.

Making a backsplash

A backsplash doesn’t just give your kitchen walls protection. It can be striking and a focal point in your kitchen in its own right. What’s more, it doesn’t have to be in plain old tiles. If you have a worktop in marble, for example, mirror this with a similar stone for your backsplash.

Setting the tone with fresh lighting

Upgrading the lighting can give your kitchen a whole new look. And you’ll find there are myriad options for altering the mood you create. As with backsplashes, a statement piece of illumination makes a real focal point and adds drama to the space. That’s especially true if the room is in neutral colours. Alternatively, add depth with integrated lighting.

Put in different flooring

This could be more affordable than you realised, and again can create a striking effect. That’s especially the case if you go for a less expensive material like laminate or vinyl.

Work on the worktops

Replacing countertops can give older kitchens a huge new lease of life. Although vinyl wraps are one cost-effective option, there’s no beating the elegant beauty of natural stone, which can still be cheaper than replacing the kitchen entirely.

Clearly, whatever you decide to do, you’ll need to have a clear budget in mind from the outset.

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