Make the most of a limestone kitchen countertop

Limestone Kitchen Countertop Restoration Repair London

Kitchen islands can provide numerous benefits, including the creation of a casual seating area, the provision of extra storage and food prep space plus a convenient place to keep all your appliances.

And if you go for a model in gorgeous limestone, you can reap numerous additional advantages as you enjoy this lovely natural material.

Here are our tips for making the most of this feature in your kitchen.

Mix it up

Not totally sold on a single material for your island? Why not have more than one? This can create pleasing contrasts – for example the cool of natural stone and the warmth of hardwood.

Striking tiles create an impact

Beautiful tiles can make a real statement in your home. They inject character and colour plus help form a uniquely textured surface.

Team up with the rest of your kitchen

Coordinate your island countertop with the other worktops in the space for a sophisticated look. For example, a solid block of stone can be paired with modern hues for your cabinets. Or pale stone can be coupled with dark grey units to create an elegant design placing the beauty of the limestone centre stage.

Be bold with colour!

Be bold with colour for your kitchen island, whether you’re going for coordination or contrast with the rest of your space. Create a talking point for when people enter the room.

Extend your island

This is a simple yet hugely impactful technique. Extend your island countertop design so that it forms an overhang and you will have a sleek-looking surface which shows off your limestone to its very best advantage. At the same time, an overhang means you can slot stools and chairs neatly under your island, creating more space when you’re not using them and helping to protect them from wear and tear.

Limestone is a stunning natural material which people have used for centuries both indoors and outside. It can create a timeless island kitchen countertop that’s durable and which looks incredible. Limestone can also introduce a welcome different texture plus a striking natural element to your kitchen.

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