How to declutter your kitchen worktops this January

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We know we’ve addressed this issue previously. But a new year is a great season for decluttering your home. And given that January can often be one of the quieter months, you may find you have more time for it – and for reaping the resulting practical and wellbeing benefits.

So here are some more tips for moving into 2024 with clutter-free countertops, which make a great starting point for your tidy-up operation.

Clear the surfaces of everything

First of all, clear your worktops of absolutely everything that’s on them. As you return each thing, consider whether it really needs to be on that surface. Or are you just adding to the clutter? For items you don’t use daily, could they go elsewhere, such as in a drawer or a cupboard? (This applies particularly to appliances, by the way.)

Shift anything that doesn’t belong in the kitchen

Do you have trays or bowls overflowing with random bric-à-brac? This stuff can seemingly reproduce on its own! Take out anything that doesn’t really belong in the kitchen and give it a new home, wherever that might be. Such things could include, for example, toys, homework, keys or post. Don’t allow them to take over your worktops.

Containers can be stylish and functional

When it comes to containers, you don’t have to compromise on style for the sake of functionality. Go for storage solutions which actively contribute to the overall design of your kitchen. After al, as we always say, this room is the heart of your home. If you have an attractive ceramic fruit bowl, for example, you won’t resent the space it takes up on your surface. Or store utensils in a smart-looking earthenware crock. Keep items where they will be most handy to you, and according to how often you use them.

Get hooked

If you have a smaller kitchen in which space is at a premium, think vertically to save room. Make the most of the wall areas below your cabinets. For example, you could hang a paper-towel holder. Or affix knives to a wall-mounted magnetic strip. Equally, hooks for mugs or tea towels could go below your cabinets, freeing up worktop space. Stackable wire bins could be one idea for potatoes, onions, garlic or other vegetables.

Think about an appliance ‘garage’

Adequate storage for appliances in smaller kitchens can be an issue. But one solution could be an appliance ‘garage’. This houses smaller devices such as toasters and kettles behind a small door. And you can incorporate this concept into your kitchen design.

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