How to Clean Marble


How to clean marble which is a kind of metamorphosed limestone combined with natural elements, is incredibly beautiful used in floors, on countertops and for accents on furniture. A comparatively soft material, it gets its distinctive look from its veined appearance, and its range of patterns and colours.
However, it can stain relatively easily, and its appearance dulls over time, so a certain amount of maintenance is needed for it to stay looking elegant.

How to clean marble

Protect marble from being scratched by not putting things with sharp edges directly on it. With marble floors, have padding below furniture legs; with countertops, use mats and coasters.

Marble maintenance

If you spill any liquids on marble, like wine, coffee or juice, mop them up immediately. Liquid that’s left untouched on marble for any length of time will stain it, as will powders like cumin with a strong pigment. A soft cloth and a small amount of warm water are all you need. Run the cloth over the marble in a circular motion but don’t scrub, just apply a little extra pressure over the stains. Don’t leave the marble damp afterwards – wipe dry.

Marble deeper cleaning

For deeper cleaning, use a dedicated marble cleaner or a mild soap and warm water. Don’t use vinegar as its acidity will corrode your marble, although hydrogen peroxide can be a good natural cleaning choice. But remember that, if you use any cleaning products, they must be suitable for marble, since the material can be harmed by some chemicals.
Buff up afterwards with a soft chamois cloth for extra shine.

Marble stain removal

To remove stains, first spray the affected area with water. Then make a paste of water and baking soda and apply to the stain before covering with a plastic wrap and leaving it for 24 hours before removing and wiping with a damp cloth. Repeat the process for stubborn stains.
Alternatively, try pouring hydrogen peroxide over the stain in a small quantity and following the same procedure with the plastic wrap. (However, with dark marble, be aware that this chemical could lighten it.)
For grease spots, corn starch can work well if left to sink in for about 20 minutes before being wiped away.

Marble scratch repair

Start with warm water and a soft cloth for a gentle clean, using a mild soap if you like. Wipe away any soap suds thoroughly. Deeper scratches can be rubbed lightly with extra-fine sandpaper. (Not the coarse grain variety.)
Marble is a material that needs regular TLC to stay looking its best. Especially if the above methods haven’t worked, you may need to call in the professionals for the best results. Whether you need marble floor polishing or marble restoration, call us today for all your marble cleaning in London needs.

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  1. Paige Smith says:

    Lately I have noticed that my marble counter top is very stained and scratched. While reading this blog, I noticed that not only do you use warm water and mild soap, but for deeper scratches and stains I can actually use fine sandpaper. How light should I use this sandpaper in scraping away the scratches?

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    Very efficient service, friendly and knowledgeable team. We’ve used the services on few occasions and will certainly call the same number again! 🙂 I particularly appreciated all additional info how to care for the marble going forward. Many thanks.

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