Don’t make this common kitchen countertop mistake

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A leading interior designer has used an interview with a national newspaper’s website to urge homeowners to avoid one common error concerning kitchen worktops. (They also expressed their views on social media. And their post garnered nearly 75,000 views.)

The designer, CEO and creative director has revealed that if you want an elegant, classy-looking space, you should avoid porcelain countertops.

What’s wrong with porcelain worktops?

It’s true that porcelain slabs can look stunning when you first buy them. But the problem with them is that they chip incredibly easily.

The designer explained:

“People tell you that porcelain is affordable and indestructible. But this stuff has chipped on every project I’ve used it on. And I’m sorry to say it frequently looks fake and cheap. I’ve never had any success with it.”

The post certainly sparked a lively discussion. There were dozens of comments, many of which were broadly in favour of the designer’s opinions.

What’s the alternative?

The interiors guru went on to advise on alternatives for kitchen countertops. They urged readers to ‘go light and natural’, rather than opting for porcelain. Tips included using natural stones like mocha cream limestone, Navona Travertine or marble. And, of course, other natural stones, such as granite, are available.

What’s the benefit?

We’d certainly agree with this designer. Natural stone is hugely versatile when it comes to patterns and colours, while also being highly durable. Not only that, but cleaning and upkeep are much easier than you may have realised.

What’s more, these materials also score highly when it comes to heat and scratch resistance.

So, if you can, it’s definitely worth considering these advantages and weighing them up against the seemingly attractive initial outlay for porcelain.

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