Caring for your marble bathroom vanity unit

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In bathrooms, a vanity unit essentially does away with the standard pedestal to combine storage with a washbasin. And you’ll find a wealth of colour, finish and style options from which to take your pick.

What are the benefits of a bathroom vanity unit?

It makes sense to combine a sink with a cupboard. After all, the former naturally creates an overhang, which is often just wasted space. So if you create a full unit and include a cupboard with drawers or shelves, you make good use of this extra room.

Additionally, for smaller bathrooms, you could choose a wall-hung model. And this will help your bathroom look bigger.

Why choose a marble vanity unit?

If you decide to go for a bathroom vanity unit in gorgeous marble, you’ll be on to a winner. The natural, light tones of this elegant stone can make your room look more spacious than it actually is. But it also has a nice cooling effect when hot water from showers and baths raises the temperature. What’s more, maintenance of this material is easy to take care of.

How should I look after my marble vanity unit?

Clean the surface of your marble with a soft cloth and, if necessary, a mild soap solution. Never use an abrasive cloth or harsh products with alcohol, ammonia or bleach, or limescale remover.

It’s true that, compared to other natural stones, marble is more porous. So be careful with cosmetics and other products which could stain, especially if they have a high acidic content. Keep soap in a dish rather than placing it directly on the stone’s surface. And wipe up any spillages immediately. (The same goes for any water which pools on the surface.)

Equally, be careful with sharp objects such as scissors. This will avoid scratching the surface of this relatively soft stone.

Seal the deal

It’s also important that you seal your marble properly. Some units may come ready-sealed. If you damage the seal, you can get a professional to reseal it. Regular marble polishing and repolishing will improve the shine of your marble, too.

How we can help

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