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What are the biggest trends in kitchen design for 2023?

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The latest kitchen designs are aimed at creating gentler, more comfortable spaces, and at standing the test of time. There seems to be a stronger focus on natural materials, and colours which nature has inspired, such as sage green. At the same time, there’s a greater sense of kitchens as extra living spaces in which […]

Avoiding some of the drawbacks to Limestone

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Limestone is a hugely popular material to use in homes and commercial settings. After all, it looks incredible. It’s durable and adds value plus a touch of luxury to any property. Chefs love it because its pale colour makes a good match for the stainless steel fixtures of professional kitchens. Plus, you can choose from […]

Tips for a Christmas kitchen declutter

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At this time of year, your kitchen is likely to be under more pressure than usual as it becomes a hive of activity. You’ll no doubt be cooking up a storm with all those festive treats for family and friends. But for this most important part of your home to run efficiently, you need to […]

Will an air fryer crack my kitchen countertop?

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Air fryers, or health fryers, were originally designed to replace deep-fat food preparation. They use rapid air circulation to cook food, meaning they only require a small amount of oil. So you get less fat, swifter cooking and a quicker clean-up compared to conventional models. These devices are also excellent when it comes to energy […]

Use limestone tiles for stunning yet functional wet room

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Unless you’ve been living on a different planet, you’ll have an idea of what a wet room is. But, essentially, and to recap, it’s a completely waterproofed bathroom whose shower is at the same level as the rest of the floor. Water drains via a flush drain in the shower area. A waterproof membrane seals […]

What affects the price of my limestone countertops?

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Limestone is one of the most beautifully elegant natural stone countertops you can have in your home. Understandably, a worktop in this material is not the cheapest thing you can buy. Indeed, for the average size of kitchen, you’ll be looking at a bill amounting to hundreds of pounds. But costs can vary considerably. Here, […]

Which stone flooring would be best for me?

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If you’re thinking about manufactured or real stone for your floor, you can look forward to a smart-looking yet highly practical end result. You’ll also be adding character and value to your property. What’s more, it could cost you a lot less than you realised. But each material will have different benefits and drawbacks. Equally, […]

Why use limestone tiles in your bathroom?

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Limestone is known for its durability and elegant appearance. Additionally, you can use it in just about any room in the house. Most limestone cleaning is also pretty straightforward – you’ll just need a mop or a damp cloth. What’s more, people have used this material in construction for centuries. One room you may not […]

How to clean your limestone fireplace

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There are numerous benefits to having a limestone fireplace, including this gorgeous stone’s natural durability – plus the fact that it doesn’t easily dent, scratch or otherwise get damaged. It also has great heat-resistant properties and, apart from anything else, looks stunning. And for manufacturers, it’s softer than equivalent materials, and so easier to work […]

How do I choose the best stone flooring?

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Stone flooring offers numerous possibilities, whether you go for a manufactured or natural product. Clearly, each material type has its drawbacks and benefits. But real stone flooring looks stunning while being strongly practical. Equally, it adds character plus value to your property. What’s more, stone floors are more cost-effective than you may have realised. But […]