Countertops: do you declutter?

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The ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) has made an Instagram reel about how, of all things, she brews up a refreshing cup of ginger tea. But it wasn’t her beverage-making skills that attracted attention. Instead, it was her kitchen surfaces, which looked rather, shall we say, lived-in.

Based on the evidence of the clip, Geri is lucky enough to live in a home with a beautiful white kitchen. But that clearly hasn’t stopped her from keeping an array of belongings all over her worktops.

And it sparked a surprisingly heated debate. Do you keep your worktops free of every last scrap of clutter in the heart of your home?

Decluttering: the pros

Your kitchen is almost certainly the busiest room in your house. So it makes sense to keep spaces organised, with surfaces free from clutter. And there are many ways of doing this. Indeed, this is a subject we’ve written about previously.

For example, you can clear worktops in one fell swoop or little and often. Or you can make a conscious effort to keep schoolbags etc. off these surfaces. You can pin up or recycle flyers and junk mail as soon as you receive them. Or you could come up with some ingenious new storage solutions.

Decluttering: the reality

As Ginger Spice herself has reminded us, however, keeping a kitchen counter consistently spotless can be an aspiration rather than a reality for many, if not most, of us. And perhaps it’s OK to have a space that looks lived in; your room doesn’t always have to look immaculately minimalist.

After all, you don’t live in a show home. And many argue that your kitchen should be a lively, vibrant, working space bursting with personality. Equally, Halliwell is living proof that clutter can creep in however many square metres you have. What’s more, having items like cooking utensils to hand so you can grab them when you’re in a rush may well work for you.

Clearly a lot will come down to personal taste and preference. Really, it’s all about striking the right balance to find a kitchen that works for you.

But even if you adopt a more laid-back approach to worktop organisation, you can still benefit from clever storage solutions, These could include baskets, containers and more.

Got a natural stone worktop?

If you’re fortunate enough to have a kitchen counter made from a natural stone such as marble, granite or limestone, that may determine your approach to decluttering. To showcase this kind of worktop at its glorious best, you may want to work harder than most to keep those surfaces clear.

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