Caring for your stone fireplace

Natural Stone Care

Natural stone has been a part of the creation of fireplaces since pre-Roman times. Today, there’s incredible choice on the market for all tastes and budgets, whether you go for a traditional grand style or something more modern and minimalist.

A natural brick or stone fireplace can certainly bring a room to life, while adding a real feeling of quality to your property.

Of course, a product like this also represents a significant investment, and it needs to be protected to retain its elegant appearance, and to be sure it stays in the best condition. It will also be safer, as well as performing better.

Bear in mind that while natural stone may not look permeable, it’s actually quite similar to sponge, with a number of minuscule pores and fissures. If these aren’t sealed up, they are vulnerable to all manner of stains from red wine, soot and coffee. Oil and grease can also penetrate the pores very quickly.

If your fireplace has been recently installed, it’s quite likely it won’t have been sealed. But you can use a spray-on, colourless sealant and do this yourself.

Routine marble care

If you’re lucky enough to have a marble fireplace, with its polished surface, marble is pretty easy to keep clean. Dust regularly with a soft cloth and maybe occasionally use a marble polish. Never use general household cleaning products, and don’t drop or rest anything on the surface. Always wipe up any spillages straight away, especially acidic liquids like wine or fruit juice.

Routine slate fireplace care

Try a commercial slate oil. Again, never use regular household cleaning products and be especially careful not to scratch slate, which is softer than granite or marble.

Weekly cleaning

Once a week, you may want to give your stone fireplace a deeper clean to keep on top of any grime and smudges. Use a natural stone cleanser and water to lift dirt from your fireplace, plus a brush with soft bristles. Rinse away any last traces of soap, which could leave marks behind.

How we can help

At Royal Stone Care, we specialise in fireplace restoration and natural stone fireplace cleaning and repair, whether you need marble fireplace restoration or anything else.

Using our own tried-and-tested techniques, our highly skilled, trained and qualified craftsmen are fully insured to do an outstanding job on your fireplace. Get in touch today for a quote.