What people really think about their kitchen countertops!

Countertop Restoration in London

If you’re redoing your kitchen and looking for its countertops, it’s worth asking around to see what others think. One real estate website did just that, seeking the honest views of homeowners and what they had in their own kitchens.

The results were revealing, with some even bandying around the attention-grabbing acronym ABG – Anything But Granite!

Here are some of the thoughts people shared:


People seem to love their quartz countertops, as evidenced by one respondent to the website’s calls for opinions. Writer Bettina Siegel commented: “We recently swapped the black granite versions we’d inherited from the previous owner of our home to quartz. We are so happy!  I love the bright look and it stands up to the worst stains, like red wine.”

Meanwhile, interior designer Taylor Spellman praised the durability of quartz countertops as much stronger than other types of natural stone. Equally, food writer called Matt Gross enthused: “It’s heat-resistant, and doesn’t need regular treatment, making it ideal for lazy people!”


This product can feel like a splurge, and can seem high maintenance and not as scratch or impact-resistant as some of the alternatives.

However, Amy Blankstein told the site: “It’s pretty and I love it. I’m not overly uptight about keeping it pristine, so it’s fairly easy to take care of.”


Farm owner Larissa Phillips said: “This is a great surface for the kitchen. You can place hot pans directly on the counter from the oven, and happily roll out dough on this surface. Although it scratches easily, I didn’t find that an issue.”

However, soapstone does take a bit of upkeep, and still needs to be oiled regularly to stay looking its best.


As for this natural stone, while it bore the brunt of some criticism, on this website at least, not everyone hates it, with one or two contributors insisting they were perfectly happy with their kitchen countertops in granite.

How we can help

Whatever solution you opt for, you will need occasional stone cleaning, polishing and restoration, maybe even  some stone chip repair as well.

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