What is leathered stone – and is it a good look for your home?

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Natural stone countertops are a big draw in any home, whether they’re in granite, quartz or marble. And one growing trend for these worktops is to have them in leathered stone.

What is it>?

Essentially, in most cases, craftsmen polish the slab to make a natural stone product. Because of this, the stone has that glossy look which many homeowners love. But you may prefer the look of leathered stone instead. This really just means that the surface is pebbly and textured, like leather. And you achieve this look with buffing and sanding, often with water jets and/or brushes.

What’s more, you can have this finish on darker stones like quartz, marble or granite, to highlight these materials’ rich texture.

Leathered stone: the pros and cons

You should find there are a number of these, including:

1. It enhances the stone’s colour.
2. You don’t need to reseal leathered stone as often.
3. If there are fingerprints or scratches on the surface (it happens!), it will be harder to see them.

However, as with anything else, there are some potential pitfalls. In the case of leathered stone, these include:

1. Price – It takes longer to process leathered stone, and this can push up price. So can the fact that it is made to order, which always costs more. Of course, countertops made from natural stone are never exactly cheap, but leathered stone can make having them even more expensive.
2. Harder to clean – Although, as we mentioned above, smooth stone shows up fingerprints more easily, the leathered variety takes a little more effort when it comes to cleaning. That’s especially true given it’s a pitted surface. So you may just need to put in a little more elbow grease. (Or to call in a professional.)
3. Personal taste – In truth, and despite the higher price tag, the look of leathered stone may not appeal to everyone. So you may decide that, in truth, it’s a safer bet to spend the money on a higher-quality stone. And the leathered variety may ultimately be a better option if you’re fitting out a high-end, luxury-style place.

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