Want to pressure wash your driveway yourself? Proceed with caution!

Driveway Cleaning Pressure Wash in London

It’s Bank Holiday season, and the weather is lovely – even if it seems to be turning at the moment. And, given the lockdown, we’re all of course spending more time at home.

If your drive is full of weeds and moss or the ingrained dirt of many months of neglect after winter, thoughts inevitably turn to a thorough outside clean.

But the reality is that most over-the-counter household products simply won’t be up to the job of cleaning your driveway.

So you may want to use a pressure washer. Indeed, retailer John Lewis has seen online sales of these items rise in recent weeks. But most machines private householders buy are simply not powerful enough to clean deeply between the cracks or banish moss and weed completely. Nor can they remove built-up ingrained grime as effectively as professional driveway cleaning services.

Using the wrong equipment for the job can actually damage the surface of your driveway. But if you use patio cleaning services, you know the job will be in safe hands.

Benefits of steam jet washing

Accumulated dirt doesn’t just look unsightly, moss and algae spores can be a potential health hazard.

A grubby-looking driveway also seriously detracts from a property’s value if you’re thinking of selling up once lockdown is over. Equally, weeds and moss can greatly reduce the lifespan of a driveway.

Blast them with steam jet washing using water at high pressure, and get rid of things like oil stains at the same time. Sometimes, professionals also use chemicals on very stubborn stains, for example paint or graffiti as well as oil. Your driveway will look as good as new, whether it’s block paving, natural stone, concrete or tarmac.

It’s also easy to organise, and usually just hooks up to your property’s own water supply.

Here to help

So while it may be tempting to hire or buy a pressure washer while you have more time on your hands, consider booking our patio cleaning services as a safer, more effective option. We’re working (in accordance with government guidelines) throughout the lockdown, and we’re natural stone cleaning specialists.

We offer our driveway cleaning services across London. But we’re also a concrete repair company. So we’re well placed to handle things like concrete crack repair and concrete resurfacing if needed. Talk to us today.