When are the two significant annual cleaning events in UK households?


Over a great number of years, right up through the 1950’s and into the 1960’s, there have been two significant annual events in UK households. These events don’t have specific dates but they did invoke some quite emotional feelings. The first event has the name of ‘Spring Cleaning’. I don’t ever recall the second event having a name but it would be fitting to call it ‘The Autumn Clear-out.’ While not so much talked about these days, these events still need to be performed in some areas.

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning involved a major cleaning program right through a house over a number of days. Cupboards would be emptied and everything in them washed, or cleaned in some way, and put back again. Anything damaged would be repaired or thrown out. All rugs would be taken out for a good shake; meanwhile, the floors would be washed from wall to wall. Everything that represented anything to do with winter would be stored away to be brought back out much later in the year. Things like winter coats and hot water bottles. Remember them? Everything ended up looking clean and fresh ready for summer.

The Autumn Clear-out

The Autumn Clear-out usually happened sometime around October. This event consisted of more or less the same cleaning processes, the big difference being that now it was the summer things that were cleared away and the winter was being prepared for. One of the more obvious signs of the oncoming winter season was the flowers in the patio pots now needed to be disposed of and the pots put away. Only the rings the pots leave on your patio remain. The remaining signs of those lovely summer barbecues also need some attention. I’m talking about those greasy spillages on your patio here.

While it is possible to clean some of the patio markings away, it usually needs a good power wash to get it properly clean. Many of those power washers designed for the domestic market are only low powered and meant for car washing and lightweight jobs. To really get things clean now and again takes a commercial strength cleaner. Take a look at the Royal Stones page on pressure washing to help you give you the full information on this service they offer. It can be a messy job, so why not let someone else take care of it for you.

When changing from one season to the other indoors, Royal Stone can help you there too if you have any type of stone or marble surface that needs cleaning or maintenance. A hall or bathroom floor, or a kitchen worktop perhaps? Much better to maintain the features of your home rather than recover them from years of neglect. Which is what the Spring and Autumn cleaning events are all about. Also, much easier to let someone who knows what they are doing do all the work for you. All it needs is a phone call.