Top 2023 kitchen trends

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As we pass the halfway mark of 2023, we thought it’d be a good time to look at some popular kitchen design trends for the year. We hope these ideas for sustainable materials, colours and storage options provide inspiration; they’re set to remain sought-after as we move into the second half of the year.

Sustainable materials

There are myriad ways to create an eco-friendly kitchen these days. And incorporating natural stone into your room is certainly one of them. Whether you go for marble, granite or limestone, these substances are among the most sustainable materials on the planet. So it’s no wonder their popularity endures, or that people have used these stones in construction for centuries, thanks to their appearance and durability.

Ribbed or fluted textures

Keen to shake things up a bit in one of the most important rooms in your home? Creative, interesting textures can do just that. Ribbed or fluted surfaces create an eye-catching, decorative layer that makes for a uniquely striking look.

And this is a design you can use on anything from doors and walls to panels and kitchen islands, on anything from glass to timber.

Feeling blue (and green)

It may hardly be a new concept, but blue or green kitchens are on the rise – and their popularity isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So there’s been a definite shift away from bog-standard white and grey. Natural stones such as marble and granite can come with shades of these hues in them, to complement other parts of the room that’s known as the heart of the home.

Not only that, but dark tones for these colours are particularly in favour just now. And you can complement heavier colours on walls or cabinets with, say, a lighter floor or kitchen island.

Getting creative with storage

Many people (rightly) insist on keeping the kitchen orderly. So if you have access to a range of clever, creative storage options, you can keep everything readily to hand. But your kitchen will still be clear of clutter.

For that reason, pantries and larders are gaining in popularity, while easy-access storage solutions and shelves are also particularly sought-after.

The Scandinavian look

A Nordic-style kitchen has a focus on elegant, clean lines. And this kind of modern, sleek look is especially pleasing in an open-plan layout. It often pairs neutral shades such as pale walls with the warmth of real-wood worktops, floors and cabinets.

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