Tips for a Christmas kitchen declutter

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At this time of year, your kitchen is likely to be under more pressure than usual as it becomes a hive of activity. You’ll no doubt be cooking up a storm with all those festive treats for family and friends.

But for this most important part of your home to run efficiently, you need to clear enough space, so that you can find everything when you need it and have enough room, for example, to roll out pastry.

Here are some of our top tips for making the season a little less stressful.


There never seems to be enough countertop space at Christmas! Take the first steps to clutter-free surfaces now. Put anything you don’t need to have immediately to hand in a proper storage space, or put in recycling or rubbish bins or the charity shop pile. That includes everything from cereal boxes to homework, junk mail plus any small kitchen appliances you don’t use daily.

Fridge and freezer

Enjoy a more chilled Christmas – literally! Fridges tend to be at capacity during the holiday, so have a good old clear-out now. Check expiry dates, and remove anything that doesn’t really need the space, such as bottled water. You’ll appreciate the extra room so you can keep the festive leftovers for as long as possible.

Storing your out-of-season stuff

Especially if you have a busy household or are expecting numerous guests, think about storing stuff you won’t need over the holidays elsewhere. That might include picnic plates or barbecue tools. The same goes for novelty glassware, cracked dishes or anything else you won’t be using until January.

Kitchen linen

Throw out and replace singed oven mitts, and any stained or faded dishcloths, ditto anything with lots of holes in it. Do the same with worn tablecloths, napkins and place mats.

Cleaning supplies

Have a good pre-Christmas declutter of the cupboards under the sink. Ditch, recycle and replace old products. And it may not be the most glamorous pre-Christmas task, but remember to stock up on dishwashing supplies, rubbish bags, dusters and so on before the hordes arrive.

Small appliances

Go through cookware, bakeware and small appliances, especially specialised ones you rarely use. Donate to someone who may be able to make better use of them.

Store cupboards

Now is a good time to go through your store cupboard or pantry and bin anything that’s out of date. Check tins, bottles, jars and packets. Ensure that even things like spices are within date, and that, for example, insects haven’t been at the sugar.

Food storage containers

Ditch boxes that don’t have a lid, or are cracked or discoloured. Be sure you have enough foil, cling film and food bags so guests can take home leftovers. Equally, have enough boxes for yourself to keep food in the fridge or freezer.

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You’ll be spending more time in the kitchen over the holidays. After all, it’s the heart of any home, and even more so in December. If you’re lucky enough to have natural stone countertops, you may notice they’re in need of some attention, especially if you’re usually out at work and only see your worktops in artificial light.

There’s still time to sort out marble chip repair, granite cleaning or a spot of limestone worktop fixing before Christmas. We cover businesses and homes across the London area. And, if it’s a busy time for you, we understand. We’ll still be here in the New Year.