The things you can clear from your kitchen countertop – right now!

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If you made a New Year’s resolution to keep your kitchen clean and tidy, and are finding you’re flagging a month or two into 2020, you’re not alone. But we’re here to help! So here’s a list of six key things that could be clogging up your kitchen countertops. They can be key collectors of clutter if you’re not careful, and stop you from having a nice, organised space where you can prepare meal comfortably.

So don’t let yours become a dumping ground, but get into good habits which you can keep up. And the good news is it’s not hard!

• Cooking utensils

Spoons, spatulas and the like can pile up on worktops, often seemingly multiplying. Just stack them in the sink if you wash them by hand, or place them straight in the dishwasher. Keep your most-used utensils in one place in a crock where you can grab them as you cook. And keep the rest in drawers. (Incidentally, this could also be a good time to go through your collection and recycle or throw out anything you don’t use regularly.)

• Cookery books

These really shouldn’t be on your worktops. Donate any you never use, and relocate the rest to a shelf or a handy cabinet. You’ll free up more space and won’t risk splashing your treasured books as you cook. (OK, you may want a recipe out while you work but put it back afterwards.)

• Redundant appliances

If you invested in a juicer while on a health kick a few years back, but now never use it, again it has no place on your kitchen countertop. Store in the garage or loft, or donate, any appliances you haven’t used in the last year.

• Paperwork

Junk mail, bills and letters from the school really don’t belong here. So file them, keep in your desk, recycle or at least keep papers in a dedicated basket on the countertop. Sort through mail and other papers coming into your home each day. Just dealing with them promptly stops it becoming a problem.

• Decorative bowls and vases

Again, these simply don’t belong here and just get in the way. At most, only have one or two decorative pieces on display, certainly not your whole collection. So move them elsewhere.

• Spices and condiments

Chilled sauces and pickles, obviously, should go in the fridge and not be left out. Room-temperature spices can go on a wall rack or be stored in a cupboard.

How we can help

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