The five don’ts of quartz countertop care

Quartz Countertop Restoration and Cleaning in London

If you’ve recently bought a quartz countertop for your bathroom or kitchen, congratulations! As a result, you’ll love the elegance this hardwearing stone can lend your home.

In terms of looking after your worktops, and keeping them looking their best, so here are the five top things NOT to do:

  • Don’t throw away the manufacturer’s warranty

  • Quartz counters frequently come with a manufacturer’s warranty. You should hang on to this and make sure you keep it somewhere safe. That will help ensure a long life and protection for your investment in the unlikely event of anything going wrong.

  • Don’t use common household cleaners

  • Some of the chemicals in regular cleaning products may loosen the resins, stone pieces and polymers used to make quartz slabs. Use something that’s specially formulated to be used on quartz.

  • Don’t use harsh scouring pads

  • While quartz is a durable material, and you may feel strong scouring pads would do a good job on removing tough stains, the finish may become scratched or dull. Use a soft nylon brush to shift stubborn marks.

  • Don’t use sharp metal objects in cleaning

  • We’re sure you wouldn’t anyway, but don’t use a metal scraper to remove caked-on spillages or stains. Stick to plastic items instead. Metal could seriously damage the natural stone surface.

  • Don’t seal your quartz countertops

Our customers often asked about sealing their countertops. Unless your worktops are a textured or honed quartz surface, they don’t need to be sealed, unlike some other natural stones. The factory finish should last for years and years if you clean the surface sensibly and often.

A job for the professionals?

Whatever kind of stone cleaning you need, we at Royal Stone Care will know what products to use to have your quartz surface shiny and as good as new. Our trained experts know all about quartz repair and cleaning, and how to go about cleaning these sensitive surfaces, what techniques to use and so on.

We always have all the right kit and tools. We can do expert repair jobs such as quartz worktop repair and quartz restoration, at short notice if need be. Call us today.