Should I seal my quartz worktop? (and a few more quartz care tips)

Quartz Worktop Restoration in London

As quartz repair specialists, we’re often asked about the best way of looking after countertops in this elegant yet functional material in between the big quartz worktop repair and maintenance jobs.

One thing we’re often asked is whether quartz worktops should be sealed.

The short answer is that, since quartz worktops are non-porous, they absorb far less liquid than, say, their granite countertops, and so they don’t normally need to be sealed.

That said, if your surface is textured or honed, then you will need to seal it. That’s because these finishes have more widely spaced pores, which ups the liquid absorption rate.

That means in turn that these quartz worktops are likelier to stain if there are any spillages. Other types of quartz surfaces to which this applies are leather, or Anticato (a muted textured finish), but it’s also worth double-checking with your manufacturer.

Otherwise, however, you can generally just enjoy your quartz worktop without having to worry about sealing it.

A few more maintenance tips!

The good news is that quartz is essentially versatile, hard-wearing and low-maintenance to have in your home. And it’s less expensive than some of other kinds of natural stone.

Here are some more tips for looking after it.

Daily cleaning

You can just use a mild soap, for example a washing up liquid, plus a soft dishcloth or damp sponge. All you have to do is wipe and rinse each day to keep your surface sparkling.

Special cleaning

Some stains may be especially stubborn. But still, stick to a mild product and never use strong chemicals which could react with the quartz and damage the countertop. Additionally, avoid abrasive scrubbing cleansers.

You can allow caked-on dirt or food to soak below a damp towel until it eases off.

Keep paint removers, nail polish remover, oil-based soap and bleach away from quartz. Permanent markers are, as their name implies, also hard to shift. Other things to keep away include anything containing methylene chloride or trichloroethane.

Finally, of course, don’t cut directly on the surface, or place hot pans straight on your worktop.

How we can help

While quartz is highly durable, it’s not totally indestructible. We can help with deep cleans, and quartz restoration if you do have scratches, stains you can’t move yourself or need a quartz chip repair service.

At Royal Stone Care, we specialise in quartz countertop repair and quartz restoration in London. Whatever the problem, or if you just need routine deep-cleaning, our trained staff will have seen it all before.

Give us a call, and benefit from our expertise in caring for this beautiful natural stone.