Looking after marble in between professional cleans


Wonderful though marble looks, it can be particularly vulnerable to damage from chipping to staining, especially over time. So whether you’re interested in marble care in London or anywhere else, it’s a job that’s probably best left to professionals with the right knowledge and products to do a specialist job.

However, you can’t do this every day or even every week, and there are plenty of things you can do to minimise damage and keep your natural materials looking their best in between times. Equally, of course, there are plenty of things you shouldn’t do to looking after marble in between professional cleans.
A sealant, such as the one we have devised in-house at Royal Stone Care, is an essential way of protecting your marble; make sure yours is applied professionally.
Beyond that, especially if acidic substances like wine, fruit juice and even some cleaning products are spilt, marble can be very susceptible to staining. Mop up all spillages quickly.
When cleaning surfaces, stick to warm water and a soft cloth or damp sponge. Even a mild soap, used regularly, will cover the surface with a dull film. If you do use any products on your marble, stick to a specially formulated marble cleaner.

Products to absolutely avoid include anything with vinegar, ammonia or citrus-based cleaners. Equally, regular bathroom cleaners can be very abrasive on marble.
Buff the surface dry after cleaning with a chamois leather or cotton cloth.
It’s also important that you don’t put anything directly on the surface. That means finding a tray on which to place all your toiletries if you have marble in your bathroom, and using coasters for all glasses, drinks cans and the like. Not only can acidic drinks damage the marble, but the glasses could also mark the surface.
When it comes to floors, frequent dusting and mopping is a good idea, but make sure the mop or duster has not been treated in any way. If you must use a vacuum cleaner, take care not to scratch the surface. And, of course, remember to only use a specialist marble cleaning product if you use anything at all on your floor.

Finally, if you have door mats and runners in areas of heavy footfall, this will prevent the amount of potentially scratchy dirt and grit that gets carried in.
Follow these tips on your marble surfaces and keep your natural stone looking immaculate until you next call in the professionals.