Kitchen styles for the end of 2019 – how on-trend is yours?

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In many ways, we admit we perhaps shouldn’t be writing this article at all. After all, should fashion really be the key consideration when it comes to designing your kitchen?

Above all, your kitchen has to be your home’s hub and heart, where everything from entertaining to homework, cake baking and family meetings takes place. So we’d understand if the latest trends weren’t top of the list when it comes to styling your kitchen.

That said, there are some definite trends for this autumn and winter 2019/20 to consider.

Among the most striking are the move away from synthetic surfaces towards more natural-looking finishes and the embracing of all shades of green.

Here are some stylish ideas we reckon you could live with for the next 10 years or so if necessary, without wanting to rip them up and start again.

  • Contemporary country

This look actually works in both rural and urban homes, and is about natural materials, open shelving, plain lines and perhaps a Belfast sink. Lacquered cupboard doors, eye-level cabinets and performance appliances are all no-nos with this look.

  • The kitchen as living room

Think decorative lighting, rugs and upholstery plus integrated seating to create a cosy sitting-room feel and a kitchen you actually want to spend time in when not cooking or eating.

  • Sustainability

Environmental issues have come to the fore during 2019. You might want to bear this in mind if you are creating a new kitchen. A terrazzo-style countertop and splashback, for example, can be made from fully recyclable materials.

  • Fifty shades of green

The colour green comes in many different shades, all of which are bang on-trend this season.

Other things set to be big next season include glazed walk-in pantries, ladders for hard-to-reach shelves, the end of uncomfortable bar stools and feature cabinetry. Hanging lights above kitchen ‘islands’ are also set to be huge news.

Finally, when it comes to things like marble countertops, our love affair with this stone is far from over. However, given its cost and the upkeep marble needs, expect to see more alternatives creeping in, including, for example, coloured granite.

How we can help

One thing for sure is that natural stone countertops will never fall out of favour.

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