Is it time to upgrade your kitchen?

Kitchen Countertop Restoration in London

The new year may have caused you to take a good look around your home. And if you’re among then growing number of people opting to improve their property rather than move, the kitchen could be a great place to start.

After all, it’s the heart of the home. It’s where a household mingles, prepares food, socialises and, often, eats.

There are a number of easy upgrades you can do which are cost-effective and reversible if you change your mind later on. Here, we offer a few suggestions.

Change your lighting

Lighting can make all the difference to a kitchen’s ambience. So if your room doesn’t get lots of natural daylight, think about what you could do. Change the bulb, or the light fitting and see the results!

Alternatively, if you’re feeling more ambitious, think under-cabinet lighting to enhance warmth and mood. Or consider LED spotlights.

New cabinet handles

Of course, this is a small change. But it can make a surprisingly big difference to the overall look of your kitchen. The investment of time and money is small yet will be well spent.

Freshen up the walls

It may sound obvious, but painting the walls and/or the ceiling gives your kitchen a fresh lease of life. Highlight one wall as a feature by painting it a different colour to the others.

Invest in a quality backsplash

If a kitchen wall effectively serves as your backsplash, it will soon start to lose its colour. That’s especially true, obviously, if it’s white. An attention-grabbing, stylish backsplash could be just what your room needs.

New countertops

Adding new worktops may seem a dramatic change. But, of course, the difference they can make to the overall appearance of your kitchen is huge. And if you’re thinking of selling up soon, new countertops could seriously enhance the value of your property.

Natural stone countertops are durable, require minimal maintenance and withstand all the accidents, spills and more that are part of daily family life. What’s more, they look amazing.

There are many other things you can do, from vinyl stickers to cover patches of bad flooring to ‘invisible’ upgrades such as drawer organisers.

So take a closer look at your kitchen today and see what could be improved. it may well be quicker and less expensive than you thought. Remember, at Royal Stone Care, we’re here to help with expert help for every aspect of looking after your worktops, from marble repair to granite care and quartz cleaning in London.