How to shift soap scum from the limestone in your bathroom

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Lucky enough to have limestone tiles, countertops or flooring in your bathroom? There are a number of benefits to using this natural stone in this area of your home. It resists bacteria and mould, looks amazing and feels nice and soft underfoot. And, after all, it was good enough for the Pyramids of Giza. So it should be good enough for your bathroom!

It’s also durable, versatile, easy to look after and has a timeless quality. Finally, limestone can give your bathroom décor an earthy, relaxing feel.

However, as with other natural stones, soap scum can build up on it. This tends to detract from the feel of this room as the relaxing sanctuary it should be. What’s more, it can be pretty unsightly.

What not to use

Acid-based cleaners will do a highly effective job of stripping soap scum from porcelain or ceramic tiles. But that isn’t the case when it comes to limestone. Ammonia, vinegar and similarly abrasive cleaners can cause harm to this material, which is porous and soft.

So, instead, choose a product with a neutral pH to give limestone tiles the once-over without causing dulling or etching.

Cleaning limestone: the process

In showers, cover the area you want to clean with your chosen non-acidic soap scum cleanser and leave to sink in for around 15 minutes. Then wipe with damp sponge, rinsing often, until there is no more soap scum left. Dry with a soft cloth.

For mosaic floor tiles, you can use a scrubbing brush with nylon bristles. That’s because these can withstand a slightly more vigorous approach to cleaning.

Finally, you can also seal your limestone-based shower with a stone sealer – just follow the directions on the packet. Sealing also safeguards your stone against damage while also sealing the grant.

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