How to light up your stone kitchen worktops

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We’ve written in a previous post about the trend for giving marble countertops a glowing appearance through backlighting to highlight the stone’s beauty and texture. Here, we look at other ways of lighting up natural stone worktops if you’re lucky enough to have them.

Although doing this can seem challenging initially, it’s important. After all, if there’s one room of your home where you want proper illumination, it’s the kitchen.

There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to lighting up kitchen worktops. But think about how you can make your kitchen a practical, good-looking room. And if you go for multi-light fixtures, this enhances the standard ceiling illumination.

There are many clever ways of illuminating this important domestic space including, if you want to, positioning a separate lamp on the worktop itself. Just keep it away from water sources for obvious reasons.

Add some LED rope lights

With LED rope lights, you can add high-quality lighting to your space easily and cost-effectively. You can fit them yourself underneath your cabinets and, if you’re renting, you can just remove them again when you move out. (Plus these lights are eco-friendly and long-lasting.)

Go for a lighter-coloured countertop

A light, airy shade for your kitchen worktop can make all the difference. So consider replacement (lighter) worktops if your kitchen is looking somewhat dark or cramped.

Flooding your kitchen with natural light

Of course, natural daylight immediately makes your space look brighter and airier. Accent any window space as much as you can. Think about taking away any windows blocking the light, for example.

Layer up for maximum impact

It can be highly effective to design your illumination to come from various sources. For example, that may mean combining under-cabinet lighting with wall sconces. And perhaps you want to add decorative desk lamps on the countertop.

How about some pendant lighting or adjustable drop lights?

Pendant lighting may be the way to go if you want to enhance the mood illumination in your kitchen space. However, it will not in itself provide task lighting; you need to add some other sources as well.

Another idea is to add creative drop lights right about your worktops. You can adjust them while preparing meals on the countertops. But think first about how much illumination you want to add. And go for something which suits your style.

Position lights carefully

Place recessed downlights directly above counter edges so their light gets where you want it to be, while also illuminating upper cabinets or open shelves. Otherwise, you can just end up creating harsh shade, making it hard to see what you’re doing.

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