Have a pre-Christmas kitchen countertop declutter!

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That time of year when every inch of kitchen space is likely to be at a premium is rapidly approaching. So it’s worth having a good old clear-out ahead of the festive season – especially if you’re playing host this year. And countertops are where a lot of the clutter can accumulate over time.

  • Start with a clean

Cooking obviously involves using oils, and kitchen countertops can become greasy. So, before you do anything else, clear and degrease them completely. We have guides to cleaning various natural stone surfaces elsewhere in this blog. Give the walls and splashbacks a once-over at the same time.

  • Ditch non-essentials

The next step is to find new homes for anything you hardly use. That could mean a cupboard, the loft or some other form of safe storage. Alternatively, if you really don’t need the item any more, recycle it or take it to a charity shop. Clearly things that you use daily, such as the coffee maker, fruit bowl or microwave, need to stay on the countertops.

And while it may sound obvious, organise things so that, for example, your mugs are near the kettle, cooking utensils near your oven, and so on.

  • Have a few ground rules

Make sure anyone living with you understands a few basic ground rules, including knowing where everything goes with the new storage arrangements. Dirty dishes should go directly in the kitchen sink, and not be left cluttering the worktop. Equally, paperwork including junk mail, school circulars, leaflet and the like, can easily pile up if you allow it to, so keep on top of it and recycle regularly.

Finally, try and encourage household members to give worktops a quick wipe with a damp cloth – and that could be a task for the last person in the kitchen each night.

As with so many things, it’s just about getting into some good daily habits and clearing up little and often so clutter doesn’t build up and take over again.