Granite floor cleaning: all you need to know

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Beautiful and long-lasting, granite has become a popular choice in many different properties. And, these days, that extends to flooring as well as countertops. Here’s our guide to cleaning your granite floor – it’s something we’re often asked about.

Made up of quartz, mica and other minerals, silica-rich granite is typically red, grey, white or pink and is classed as acidic. It’s readily identifiable thanks to the large mineral grains fitting tightly together. Its solidity, stain resistance and hygienic qualities make this elegant stone a natural choice for floors, especially in a kitchen or bathroom. And if you go for a textured finish, you’ll enjoy greater slip resistance.

Stay neutral

Go for a natural stone cleaning product that’s pH-neutral – i.e. not alkaline or acidic – given granite’s porous nature. Equally, steer clear of bleach for the same reason. Use recommended, non-abrasive products.

Further granite floor cleaning tips

– Clean daily with a dry mop to keep dirt and dust from building up on the surface
– You can use paper towel or a dry cloth to mop up spillages, but do so immediately
– Clean with distilled water if possible, since this will contain no chlorine or other minerals
– Use hydrogen peroxide on light granite and acetone on darker stone
– Do not use scrubbers or rough sponges when cleaning
– For persistent stains, make a baking soda pate and apply on the marks – leave overnight if possible
– For an extra polish, you can also use baking soda and/or rubbing alcohol on your granite floors

Finally, a yearly seal of the tiles will protect your granite floor and help it keep its glossy shine. Check the grout between tiles regularly and look for signs of cracking and chipping.

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If all this sounds like quite a lot of hard work and you’d prefer to leave your granite cleaning or restoration to the professionals, we fully understand. At Royal Stone Care, we’re granite restoration specialists in London. We bring our expertise, fully qualified teams and extensive industry experience to all your natural stone surfaces. Get in touch today, whether you’re a business or private customer, and tell us what you need.