Don’t crack up! How to repair your concrete driveway

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Concrete, a mixture of sand, aggregate, water and cement, is a popular building material. It’s not only very durable, but it’s also low maintenance.

But while you don’t need to do too much to care for your concrete driveway, this material can expand and crack. And it can be at the mercy of the elements. Freezing water, overheating, ground shifting, tree roots, excessive weight, and even bacteria, can all lead to fracturing.

As everyone knows, first impressions do count. And cracks really can look unsightly. Any visitor to a house will start to form their impressions before getting through the front door. If the driveway is riddled with cracks and crevices, the immediate, if wrongful, expectation is that it will be chaotic inside.

In the past, replacing concrete completely may have been the only viable option. These days, there are more affordable driveway repair products on the market. They tend to be made with polymers and cement, and they’re relatively easy to use.

Concrete crack repair in four steps

  • Use a chisel and wire brush to remove any loose debris. This ensures the old concrete bonds properly with the repair material.
  • Fill the crack with concrete caulking or a similar product. Bigger fractures may need a concrete sealer or pourable concrete mixer. Pack the repair material snugly into the crack using a trowel.
  • Wait for the patch to dry.
  • Seal the concrete to prevent future water damage, using a sealer.

How we can help

If all this sounds too much like hard work, we don’t blame you! A professional operator may well have the skills, staff and equipment to do a more effective job more quickly than you could do yourself.

Royal Stone Care is a stone cleaning specialist with particular expertise as a concrete repair company. We handle concrete resurfacing and repair and have a team of dedicated experts to tackle the task, no matter what you’d like us to do. Let us take care of driveway crack repair, concrete floor repair in your kitchen. At the same time, we also carry out high-pressure jet washing, so can help with Step One of the process described above!

We offer a firm guarantee of quality, and our work is extensively insured. We work in a broad selection of settings, from banks and shops to private houses. Talk to us at concrete repair specialist Royal Stone Care today and ask for a free quote. Do that  whether you’re freshening up your property with an eye to selling up, or just want to spruce a place up.