Do you have kitchen envy?

Natural Stone Countertop Repair London

A recent study shows that nearly half (44%) of UK adults feel envious of other people’s kitchens. Meanwhile, two-thirds admit their own is not the ‘dream’ space they’d love to have.

Electrical appliance giant Beko commissioned the research. It found that almost one in five (18%) used their kitchen to entertain in. This means the ‘heart of the home’ is increasingly a multi-purpose area in which to relax. So it’s not just for food prep or eating in.

Many of the 2,000 adults polled cited innovative technology and sleek, modern designs as their most sought-after kitchen features. Meanwhile, over a third (38%), wanted easy-to-clean surfaces.

Among the most desired appliances were energy-efficient ovens, ‘smart’ air fryers and fridges with ice dispensers. Additionally, durability, and smooth operation of items such as drawers were also important. So were things which blended in seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen’s décor.

Therefore, style and performance really matter. And after all, on average we spend two and a half years of our lifetimes in the kitchen. So it’s no wonder that this space is a matter of importance to most people.

How natural stone countertops can help

Natural stone kitchen worktops are hugely versatile. And they come in many different patterns and colours. They’re also extremely durable, fitting in with the modern desire for products with a good longevity.

Equally, they’re easy to clean, another quality people want in their kitchen surfaces.

The Beko study highlights people’s desire for sleek aesthetic appeal, and marble, granite or limestone certainly offer that. A stone such as marble may have been used for centuries. But it still suits a kitchen with an elegant contemporary design. Investing in ultra-modern appliances? Natural stone worktops will set these off to perfection. Then other people will envy your kitchen rather than the other way around!

How Royal Stone Care can help

At London-based Royal Stone Care, we work with domestic and business clients. We’re involved in marble repair, granite cleaning and more. We ensure your countertops stay looking their best. This means they contribute to your kitchen’s overall appearance in the way they should. Get in touch today to learn more.