Coronavirus Covid-19 Update and Cleaning Top Tips

Surface and Floors Cleaning for Corona Virus (COVID-19) in London

As the Covid 19 pandemic escalates, we wanted to update everyone on what we at Royal Stone Care are doing. Additionally, we wanted to offer a summary of what you as a householder or business owner can do to keep your home or premises clean. Clearly, this will minimise the risk of infection to yourself and others.

What you can do? Here are our cleaning top tips during Coronavirus Covid-19:

  • Soap and water is the best method for keeping your home clean and corona covid-19 free – use an alkaline soap of pH7 and above
  • Clean an area with soap and water using a sponge or soft cloth before applying any disinfectant
  • Leave disinfectant for roughly 30 seconds before wiping dry
  • Kitchen countertops should be cleaned every day. Read more detail on cleaning your kitchen during the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis page
  • Clean all commonly touched surfaces, from light switches and door and kettle handles to remote controls and even your phone
  • Clean your sponges or cloths after use – either pop them in the dishwasher or washing machine – microfiber cloths are especially easy to launder
  • Be careful with bleach on natural stone surfaces and use in solution with water – it shouldn’t contain anything else such as descaling ingredients

Still working

At Royal Stone Care, we’re still providing our usual services looking after our customers’ natural stone countertops, marble and granite repair and so on, plus offering patio cleaning services.

However, we’re doing so safely and in accordance with government advice, keeping at a safe distance and using protective equipment. So forgive us if we don’t shake hands at the moment! Additionally, we’ll ensure surfaces we’ve worked on are clean and virus-free before leaving.

Here to help

During this crisis, we’re offering a deep-cleaning service for your home or for things like an end-of-tenancy clean. Or let us help if you want to ensure a workplace is safe once people are able to return.

We have access to special anti-viral products, for added safety. We also know exactly what products to use for quartz cleaning and other natural stone surfaces, to prevent damage.

Royal Stone Care covers a wide range of business and domestic premises. Give us a call today.