Clearing limescale from your granite countertop

Granite Cleaning and Restoration in London

Granite countertops tend to be tougher and more durable than those made from other materials. And because this stone is so hard, it stands up well to regular wear and tear, and resists scratches, at least up to a point!

Then there is its natural beauty, and the way it adds an elegant touch of luxury and great visual appeal to just about any room.

But it’s low rather than zero maintenance, and one of the issues you may come across is that the area around your kitchen sink becomes water-marked, so that you need to remove the limescale. Sealing will certainly help in terms of preventing liquid stains, but, over time, these could still occur.

Marks may show up in particular if you have a black, shiny kitchen worktop in granite.

The solution

Laundry bleach is a non-toxic, strong stain remover able to zap stains from all kinds of surfaces, including granite.

Another product you could try is a laundry powder such as Wizz Oxi Ultra Plus, which is on sale in supermarkets and is inexpensive.

Pure sodium percarbonate is another option, and you may find this more effective. It’s available for around a tenner for 50g. Mix 30g of the powder with enough water to make a paste. Then just place over the stains and leave for 15 minutes before wiping.

An alternative is a specialist granite stain remover to blitz water marks, limescale, soapy scum and a number of other stains.

You could try something like Quickleen Granite Stain Remover, which also works on quartz and marble surfaces, and is non-toxic.

However, for extensive markings or damage, or if you don’t feel confident in what you are doing and don’t want to risk harming your worktop further, it’s time to call in the professionals. The same goes for granite chip repair and regular deep cleaning.

How we can help

At Royal Stone Care, we’re experts in stone cleaning. We have a team of trained experts who can take on deep granite cleaning as well as granite worktop repair.

We offer firm guarantees on quality, never use harmful chemicals in our work and have extensive insurance as well. Get a free quote for your kitchen or bathroom today. Whatever help you need with your granite worktop, we’ll have seen it all before, and have an armoury of tried-and-tested techniques to have your surfaces looking as good as new.