Caring for your marble countertops this Christmas

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It’s hardly controversial to state that kitchens can take quite a battering over the Christmas period, especially if you’re a busy household or are planning big gatherings this year. Even if you’re not, it’s still likely to be the busiest room in the house over the festive season.

And while having everyone you care about you is, of course, wonderful, the clean-up and prep can be less fun. We’re here with our Yuletide guide to caring for your marble worktops this Christmas.

Be prepared

Before you start cooking, do a deep clean. Clear away as much as you can from your work surfaces, and reseal your marble if you need to, to protect it from staining, for example from oil or water. (Your marble worktops could be especially vulnerable at this time of year when you are using them so heavily.) Equally, remember to pick up any cleaning materials you need while you’re doing the big Christmas shop.

Clear up as you cook

It may sound obvious, but the notion of tidying as you go really does work. Once you’re done with the food prep, you’ll be grateful your kitchen is still spick and span. You’ll also have room to breathe once the serving starts. So put stuff away, clear surfaces and stack the dishwasher as you cook.

Mop up spillages as they happen

In a busy kitchen at a hectic time of year, spillages are pretty much inevitable. We know we’ve
said this before, but it’s very important that you mop up accidents right away if you spot so much as a smear on your marble surface.

Use a specialist cleaner for hard-to-shift stains, or ones which you haven’t noticed – after all, you can’t have eyes in the back of your head when you’re running the Christmas show!

Otherwise, a clean microfibre cloth with warm water and a mild detergent should be all you need. It’s all very quick and easy – just make sure you act quickly.

And, finally, if you’ve spilled a seasonal red or mulled wine tipple, take action particularly fast. You could try a paste of baking soda and water. Blot up any excess red wine first. Then spread the paste on the marble surface; leave overnight before wiping off the excess.

Talk to us

With a bit of prep, you can easily be ready for the festive onslaught. And we’re here this month, if you need help with marble stain removal, marble cleaning or repair in London. Get in touch for an informal, no-obligation chat today.